Monday, March 02, 2009

Modern Art

I'm not necessarily all that great an interpreter of art. I like art, but unlike a lot of people I know I can't tell you what the artist is attempting to convey or sometimes even the mood of a piece. It's a failing, I know. For example, I can look at a work like this and I say to myself "Look! Flowers! Also green apples and pears! Gosh, I'm hungry, but not really for an apple. Maybe M & Ms..." But the more abstract the art, the more likely I am to have less to say than one so obviously about candy. When I look at this, I am more likely to say "Umm, this person isn't happy. I don't think." Probably a great deal of my ability to interpret that latter piece so well though is because I'm a therapist- it's why people are so eager to come and see me, my intuitive grasp of the feelings of others. So imagine the difficulty I had with this, L's latest work of art and the one that she has been talking about for days:
When she first showed it to me, I was admiring (as I'm sure you are, too). I told her it was lovely and asked," What is going on in this picture, L?" And she looked at me pityingly (really!) and said "Mama, it's a cat taking a bath in the bathtub." I know all of you saw it immediately, as most of you are not art oafs, but I went ahead and labeled it so that her father would know how to best be excited when she showed it to him.
I am working on the promised post about the octuplets, but for some reason, it's turned very long and I still haven't finished talking. Since I'm trying to post more frequently, I may have to post it a little later in the week. Portrait of the artist as a young preschooler:


Christi said...

Love it! I can't wait to attempt to interpret Elsa's artistic endeavors. Your girls are too cute. I'm so glad you're blogging again so I can keep up! :)

team larsen said...

I had NO IDEA you were blogging again! lol! I had to read three posts to catch up. I have to say, I laughed...I cried...It was a great time here today. :) I couldn't help but get weepy looking at those baby pictures. It seems like we were just there together. I'm so thankful that God allowed us to share in the joy of the growth of your family. We feel blessed!!
And, I have to say that I learned alot about being a good listener from the lawnmower story. I think I might even read it again. I can use all of the communication help I can get. Maybe you could post one of your conversations with Rob, too. lol!

Christy said...

L looks so grown up! I love that she pitied your lack of artistic intuition. I was leaning towards some sort of sea squall before reading the explanation, so I can't imagine what look she would give me.

I think the Scream guy looks like he's just been surprised for his birthday, and is frankly thrilled to bits. I'm awesome at art.

Jenni said...

Okay, Emily I am going to shoot straight with you. Nobody can tell that looks like a cat in a bath. I'm not one to give advice, BUT you should give L her crayons back and a NEW canvas, and explain that she should try again--try again until we can see the feline's tail sticking out of the water. Do you think Renoir's mom let him get by with such nonsense? Also, why are all your friends named Christi/y?